Other Services

On Demand Internet  and Gamification Apps for Events

Our Commitment as Your Event Internet Service Provider (ISP): To Deliver World-Class Conference WiFi and Internet Connectivity for You and Your Attendees.

At Konza Cloud, we combine a series of best practices drawn from years of experience, a highly skilled network engineering team, robust IT, mobile, Engagement Applications and WiFi equipment, we partner with industry leading infrastructure deployment team to show you that we are serious about providing the best available event Internet services and engagements Apps. for your event. When evaluated alongside other meeting and conference Internet service providers, Konza Cloud is clearly the wise choice of discerning event organizers, as is evidenced by our long and growing list of satisfied clients.

SMS and WhatsApp Blast for Events

An SMS blast or text blast is sending a single message to a large group of people simultaneously. With the use of our web-based bulk SMS texting service or WhatsApp blast, we can now very easily automate and schedule your SMS blasts to your event attendees. It is an effective and cost-efficient way of communicating to your guests and event participants to deliver important messages and stay top of mind. 

Roaming 5G Internet - Inclusive of a FREE Device